Dante your super cool! Do you ever miss voice acting Zuko?

who wouldn’t miss being the prince of the fire nation?

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Have you finished season 2 of Orphan Black?

i have! one of my new favorite shows… tatiana maslany is my new crash & should win the emmy already!

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Dante you the bae

thank you… although, i’m still not 100% sure what that means.

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IS IT WEIRD i really want to cosplay katara and do a photo session with you? because it sounds so rad I can't even begin to describe how awesome that would be. also I'm curious, how many tattoos do you have and what's your favorite?

1) it’s not weird

2) if i see you in katara coplay, we’re definitely taking some pics

3) i have three tattoos… they’re all special and mean something… to me at least

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It seems like you have had an incredible amount of motivation to get to where you're at in life right now. Someday's I barely have enough motivation to get out of bed. What keeps you motivated?

i just try to stay creative… plus i have all these ideas in my head that i think would be cool and i try to make them happen.

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what's one of your favorite poems?

"invictus"… actually have it tattooed on my arm.

also, i always loved the sonnet… “how do i love thee… let me count the ways…”

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Hey Dante! Do you think you'll be hanging around the Baltimore area while you're in town for Otakon? Or at least the con area--was just curious since I wasn't sure what your plans were for the con :D Hoping to see you there!

oh i’m always looking to get into a lil bit of trouble in my travels. never explored baltimore. maybe we can bump into each other, grab a drink and see what we can stir up!

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I'm having a rough night... would you happen to have any wise words to help keep my spirits up as I get ready for bed? Please and thank you. <3

tmrw will be a better day… i promise. from one firelord to another.

just go to bed and wake up with the new day. sweet dreams.

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"Hook" screening in Austin... →

so… they’re screening a movie i did a long time, when i played a kid named rufio in austin, texas. i’ve never been to austin, so if you have any cool suggestions of what i should do when i’m out there, hit me up. or jsut come to the screening and hang out with me! i think it might even be free! 

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senpai please notice me

i notice you… thanks for noticing me.

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Dante Basco you da besttt

thanks, doll…

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Check it out, friend! :D

thank you! i had this conversation with dozens of people all over the world! i pronounce it “gif” but that’s just me.

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so check out this weird date i went on…

"love midori" new web series written and produced my friend minaenoji. love it, darlin.

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"Work In Progress" is a half hour dark comedy revolving around a group of thirty-something friends who went to performing arts high school together in Orange County, CA.

Upon the tragic death of their beloved classmate Daniel Shaw, eight estranged friends are reunited at his memorial. As they begin to rediscover each other, we learn who these friends were in high school, who they actually became, and all the trials and tribulations bringing them to who they are today.

Featuring Natalie Amenula, Arianna Basco, Dante Basco, Dion Basco, Lily Holleman, & Nicole Turley

Produced and written by my sister Arianna “Lady Basco”… Love you.

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Quick pics from my East Coast vacation! Congrats to my dear friends @robinandre & @ericamiriamfabri on the wedding! #NewYork #AtlanticCity #Poconos

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