If you could have any animal in the Avatar world which one would you want?

that’s easy… appa.

You, my good sir, ard awesome. I just had one question: do you ever read/reply to your physical fan mail, like what you'd get from the address you put on here recently? Thanks, Dante!

i actually love letters… some still make their way to me through the postal system. i love letters, getting them and writing them. its like a lost art writing letters, some times you can write things better than you can ever say them… at least i feel like that about myself sometimes.


i’m in mesa… comic media expo. come by and hang out if you’re close by.

and what do you think of legend of korra so far? i think it's gnarly!

what can i say… it’s amazing, spending the weekend at a con in arizona with none other then korra herself, janet varney. love hearing all her stories.

If I were to spot you wandering at random throughout Izumicon, wouldst thee mind terribly if I gave you dap/took a picture with you holding my lightsaber? And no, lightsaber is not innuendo for anything else other than an Ultrasaber's Lightsaber. Probably the Scorpion.

i got you… see you and your light saber in OKC.

were you in the movie but i'm a cheerleader?

yes… dolph, homosexual wrestler.

What do you think youre going to be for halloween?

not sure… i only know i’ll be in OKC. maybe i can find a cool haunted house to hit up.



japanese dragon:

- long
- chill
- no wings
- legs
- moustache
- in the sea

chinese dragon:

- long
- p chill
- no wings
- legs often but not always
- impressive beard
- 9 is a big deal

european dragons:

- jerks
- breathing fire
- wings
- often actually a wyvern
- compulsive hoarding
- caves

slavic dragon:

- three fucking heads bro
- can you believe it
- wings and like
- 3 whole heads


- honestly probably just a whale and you should all chill 

American Dragon:

- jake long

dragon up!


Saw Janet Varney and Dante Basco at Comic and Media Expo!! Absolutely loved every minute of their panel!

We look like a tv show couple… The new Lucy & Desi.


Me with rufiozuko

Day 1 of Comic Media Expo… My liaison, Sky.

I just watched “Gone Girl”… It’s a horror film, a relationship horror movie.

#Rufio trading cards… #tbt

palm trees and pink sunsets… #iloveLA


For all you fans of Zuko/Rufio ! For those of you who don’t know, Dante voiced Zuko on Avatar The Last Airbender, and Jake on American Dragon. He’s also known for playing Rufio on Hook, and he cameos as Iroh II on Legend of Korra. If anyone has more to add, please do!

Comic Media Expo

I’m coming to Arizona this weekend and Janet Varney will be there too! Can’t wait to hang out with Varney… Who’s going to around to come hang with us! #Avatar