Last night in Edmonton, packing and just thought I feel like having dessert!

Sorry if my typing is a little bad, I'm a bit inebriated. But I saw your panel at Otakon and I was gonna ask you a question but the panel ended before I could. You are simply amazing Dante, and I just wanted to know what you do to reignite your creativity when you've found yourself at a low or a wall. How do you reinspire yourself to jumpstart your creative outlits again?

Well, tbh, had a drink or two tonight myself. So we’re a bit tipsy together. Thanks for coming to the panel. As far as staying creative, for me it just writing, a poem, a play, an essay, just anything.

I look outside my hotel room and the pretty lights twinkle throughout the streets of Edmonton and I notice how quiet it is as if the cloud covering the sky seems to dampen the sound like a puffy pillow and I wonder when I’ll be back in this quiet city and I’ll remember to bring a warmer coat.

Inspiration to be creative is all around us… Always is, you just have to take time to see it.

Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween or Friday The 13th? The originals, of course, not the remakes (:

Nightmare on Elm Street.

There is a grand chance that I might get your autograph on Sunday at the Edmonton expo and I wanted to draw you something from Avatar for you but my problem is that I don't really know what to draw for you. Got any ideas for me to get some inspiration?

People always draw me a character I’ve played or even myself. But if this is a gift for me to take home from you, draw me a picture of you. I think that would be cool. That way I’ll never forget what you look like.

Hello Mr. Basco, I absolutely loved your video with the Nostalgia Critic, and your talent as an actor is so inspiring! I can't believe you're in Edmonton! It would be awesome to meet you, but I don't have any money to get tickets for the Expo XD Nonetheless, have a wonderful time in Edmonton! HONOR! :D

Let’s figure out a way to say hi outside the con…

Hi-Ho-Hello! I saw a littler you on The Wonder Years. You haven't changed very much since '88. You still have that deep breathing space between words.

That can’t be possible… That was a few lifetimes ago.

But breathing between words… I’ve never noticed that.

I have a cold, I can't sleep and I'm exhausted from working all day. Despite being an adult all I want is your calming voice reading me a bedtime story to make me feel better. xx

Sorry you’re feeling down… It’s been a long day for me too.

What kinda story do you want to hear?

Got home safe and sound… Just in time to get rest in order to be cool to meet peeps tmrw. See you at #EdmontonExpo! Honor intact.

Drinks at the afterparty… #EdmontonExpo. Come join us.

Not sure what this blue shot is.

#Homestucks in Edmonton.

blamethejunglr: Top 11 Avatar episodes with Doug Walker and Dante Basco summed up in 1 word (well, gif)

The second Doug directed me to do this, I knew this gif would grace tumblr…

so i met doug walker at a convention awhile back and he invited me to chicago to shoot a video, little did i know what he had in store for me. most of you have seen the video i did with nostalgia critic, we had a great time and his crew treated me like family. here’s the behind the scenes and in between with the awesome channel crew,

Literally alone in the movie theatre… #ThisIsWhereILeaveYou #Edmonton (at Empire City Centre 9 Cinemas)

Top 11 Best Avatars (with Dante Basco) →


It’s up! :D

Amazing work today! I just want to thank everyone for their amazing talents and coming to play with us on the #Homestuck project… Stay tuned! (at Maker Studios)