Birthday Hangout! Just afternoon tea with friends… (at Nirvana Tea & Herbs)

Did you know that you are my queen

no, i did not know that… but i promise to do my best to fulfill my queenly duties.

Vlogathon - August 25th

monday. poker. teenage mutant ninja turtles.


by Gabriele Dell’Otto

if i was a super hero, i’d probably want to fly

or have super hero strength, to save somebody’s life

i don’t know if i’d necessarily want to wear a pair of tights

but i definitely wear a mask to hide the fact that i’m just an ordinary guy.

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     I won’t soon forget the events that took place in #ferguson…will you?

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utter respect and awe for you, someone who lives their life in a mindset of poetry. an open and creative mind constantly, thinking of a day's time as a poem in short. this turned into a poem hm. :)

i do think of life poetically… which reminds me, i need to write more poems…

thanks for the note.

You were the only person to recognize my Peter Parker cosplay at Otakon, totally made my weekend!

ah man… that’s cool. the camera was a dead give away!

So it’s my birthday week & even though I’m planning to lay low, I promised some folks that I’d do an LA hangout, so I’m thinking an afternoon tea on Wednesday. Come by say hi and hangout a bit…

Vlogathon- August 24th

softball… improv show… dinner on sunset blvd. 

sunday in LA.

Doing an #improv show with @BangarangUCB tonight to tribute #RobinWilliams! #UCB



let’s be real nobody got over their crush on Prince Zuko

It’s come full circle. It’s back on my dash. This post haunts me.

on your dash? i meet a lot of these people walkin around on the streets everyday.  

but as far as ghosts go, zuko’s not a bad guy to be haunted by…

Vlogathon - August 23rd

Slow Saturday… 2 birthdays, a charity event and the summertime…

doing a charity even tonight to continue to raise money for the philippines…


This is so much better than that “kissing strangers for the first time” video

this is acting class in a nutshell…

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Stop lighting these fires in me
That we both know
You never wanted to burn.

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definition of a flirt…

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