Hi Dante! I was wondering who your favorite character was in game of thrones?




since you're watching the vampire diaries, I have to ask. Who's your fav character that is or has been on the show?


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Hi Dante! Is there any site or something that can alert us or tell us a list of your upcoming events? I'm sure a ton of us fans would love to meet you and I'd hate to miss an event that I could've attended but didn't know about in advance!

yes, you can go to dantebasco.com and check the “dante speaks..” page for updates of where i’ll be. 

or just keep checking here on tumblr… i usually let people know where i’ll be heading to next.

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how come all vampires have impeccable style?


Happy Easter love from Zuko! by CuriouslyXinlove

have a bunny Zuko :)

i hope everyone had a happy easter…

i’ve never understood why there are easter eggs and an easter bunny and bunnies don’t lay eggs… but i’m going to roll with it.

Hi Dante! I'm a student at NYU and I heard a rumor that you're coming here for an event soon; is it true?

yes… its true, i’ll be there to speak, do some poems and a q & a on april 30th… come by! 

and it’s open to the public, so i hope to meet a bunch of new people there.

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i love #GameOfThrones… but it always ends when it’s about to get good!

Happy Easter! Me & @valleygirlsammy


Tatiana Maslany, shot by Ruven Afanador in Toronto on March 5 for ‘Entertainment Weekly’.

The sexiest woman three different ways. What more could you want?

new celebrity crush… love this show, just binged watched the first season and the the second one started tonight… and i missed it!!!

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If you were able to spend one week in the world of avatar, where would go, what would do, and who would hang out with?

i would spend at least a day or two with uncle iroh, drinking tea and talking… probably somewhere in the fire nation. i would spend the rest of my time hangin with the whole gaang. i would go to republic city! (i know it’s a different era, but maybe see how it’s all getting built) i spend the days hangin with the guys and the night probably getting in trouble, being with mai and flirting with katara.


Every now and then I play the first Saints Row, and am reminded that rufiozuko voiced some of the NPC’s; and let me tell you being in a gang with Zuko is some surreal shit

oh sh*t! i forgot i did this… it is kinda crazy… plus i just got back from a night out so i’m bit tipsy, so it’s strange to hear this. but here i am f*ckin sh*t up in Saints Row.

#NationalRecordDay & my boy @schpilkas diggin in the crates, found a gem! #Basco

#quickpoem for #Toph. #Avatar poems. Hope everyone is having a good time at #WonderCon, wish I was there.


Avatar Group at Shutocon by vmachina

Still on my cleanse, trying to finish the season 1 of my new favorite shows, “Orphan Black.”