Hey Dante, this is kind of silly but I have something I'd like to ask of you. I've been trying to get a friend of mine, Nick, to read homestuck for a while now but he just hasn't had the motivation. Even he knows he'll like it because he's heard about it from others and expressed interest before. Maybe if you yell at him for me, he'll get it in gear. Regardless, keep doing what you do man, we all love ya.



you’re welcome.

& thank you for the note and well wishes.

Hey Dante, I'm really feeling disappointed right now. Do you have any advice for students like me trying so hard to maintain good grades but never get acknowledgements from our school and such?

i feel you… we all feel that way every now and then, after school, you feel that about work and just the world in general, when will i be rewarded or acknowledged in some way? but then i try to remind myself, i’m supposed to be doing what i’m doing for myself and not for the approval of others… i just do what i do, the way i do it, acknowledgment or not… hell, i wouldn’t do it any other way anyways. 

you're supposed to say you're so beautiful when you hate the world !!! C:

you just said it for me!

i was just having a little fun… thanks, doll.

It was a quote from atla guys… Mai said it to Zuko when they were having a picnic at sunset…

true… i just felt like reppin homestuck… care to finish the scene for me?

What's your favorite color? Cause red seems to love you! (Sorry if you get asked this a zillion times, I'm half-awake and thinking of Rufio's hair, Jake's jacket and the whole freaking Fire Nation being red.)

it’s true about me and the color red… seems to be the color that most reflects my career. but ironically my favorite color is cobalt blue. 

orange is such an awful color

not when they’re on homestuck horns…

Hi Dante! My name is Alex Dang and I'm a poet from Portland, Oregon. I just want to say thank you for being such an inspiration to me and being an example for me to follow. Seeing you perform has given me a lot of courage to pursue slam poetry. Thank you again.

thanks, man… tell your story.

♪Dante Basco
♪Hot like tabasco
♪I wanna tie in my love
♪With my lasso
♪I want Dante Basco in my house
♪I want Dante Basco up my ass
♪I want Dante Basco everywhere
♪I want Dante Basco in my pubic hair
♪I want Dante Basco in my room
♪I want Dante Basco BOOM!, BOOM!
♪Dante B-a-s-c-o
♪Dante Basco

Minae Noji raps (simply the most beautiful sing ever!), LOVE MIDORI Web Series - DANTE BASCO - Episode 4

Was it…really me?

i do love this webseries and my episode minaenoji is so cray!

Yes, Milla. That was you.

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Rufio Tattoos… Or How You Know You’re Officially Apart of Pop Culture

Rufio Tattoos… Or How You Know You’re Officially Apart of Pop Culture

So here are a few examples of my 15 year old face adorning the bodies of a few people out there in the world… Over the last few years, as tattoos have become apart of our generation’s way of expressing ourselves, I’ve been stopped a few times by people that recognize me to point out that someone they know has my face tattooed on their body.

How does that make me feel?

Well, being a person with…

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Walkin around LA, location scouting for an upcoming video. Photo cred: @camerongharaee (the director)

#QuickPoem for the end of #Summer!

At #DaPoetryLounge with @bruthagimel & @therealshihan! Rockin the mic. Just shooting with my new camera! #SonyRX100M3 (at Da Poetry Lounge)

Chillin in my hood. #BHlife End of Summer in Beverly Hills. (at Beverly & Wilshire)


Dante Basco and Mae Whitman, started out as enemys but ending up as allies, even across different franchises.  

@iammcjin dropping his new single #ChineseNewYear at #WeOwnThe8th meeting! Available on iTunes now! bit.ly/mcjincny