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How an under the radar movement in Los Angeles may be showing us that the pop culture change we’ve been waiting for is the change we should be striving for.

It’s a gathering unlike anything seen since Harlem in the 1920s. On one side of the room you’ll find spoken word poets laughing and…

Inspired by @shaiiishaiii & @wearskelly made want to set up my fashion blog game! Cashmere polo & Levi’s. #PebbleWatch wearable. @jeweledsuzy #EvilEye bracelet. #Saturdays canvas shoes. #Gucci belt.

Just got to Pomona to speak at Cal Poly! Spending the afternoon keynote speaking, can’t wait to meet everyone.

Shooting at #YouTubeSpaceLA with @strawburry17 (at YouTube Space LA)


Too soon… X

Do you believe in ghosts? (& it’s October, perfect time for a ghost story)

Do you believe in ghosts? (& it’s October, perfect time for a ghost story)

I was just awaken in the middle of the night, I heard what sounded like a hand on the doorknob of my bedroom and padded feet walking across my hardwood floors to the side of my bed. Half asleep, I admit I was a bit scared, well not scared per say, but nonetheless, a bit frozen. As I felt a presence next to my bed I struggled to open my eyes slowly, thinking, I live alone, I wonder if a cat or…

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So i was running late all morning because of the book 4 premier and as im speed walking to stat i noticed a familiar face.. DANTE BASCO IS GOIN TO BE HERE NEXT FRIDAY.

At a meeting for #FPAC, getting ready to host the slam w/ @ladybasco at the #Filipino festival this weekend in downtown LA. #DTLA (at Grand Park)


I find it funny that in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Dante Basco plays the anti-hero and Mae Whitman plays a hero, and in American Dragon: Jake Long, Dante Basco plays the hero and Mae Whitman plays the anti-hero….

Hi Dante!:) Would you accept the challenge to name your top 10 favourite books?:)

in no particular order…

- basketball diaries

- the alchemist 

- harry potter (the whole series, probably “prisoner of azkaban” is my favorite)

- girl with the dragon tattoo (the whole series, but the first book, fav)

- measure of a man (sidney poitier autobiography)

- davinci code series (the lost symbol is my favorite)

- sherlock holmes (i really like “the sign of the four”)

- tai-pan

- chesapeake

this is just reminding me i need to read more.

any suggestions? 


DANTE IS MY FAVORITE. Thank you man, miss you and the gang!

you know i’m always thinking of the girls… miss you too!

shout out to the fandom society crew!

Hi Dante, I've been a fan of yours for ages, and I'm doing a report in my Performing Arts class at my university on the people that influenced you and their influences. Do you have any specific people that influenced you in your acting, voice acting, or writing? :)


acting: marlon brando, montgomery clift, al pacino, dustin hoffman and the list goes on!

voice acting: mako, john dimaggio, kevin michael richardson, dee bradley baker, grey delisle

writing: charles bukowski, john patrick shanley, pablo neruda, david rabe, shihan, in-q

these are just a few…

thanks for the note.

A shot of me & my niece, Aurora Blessings… But I call her #RorDog. (at Shaky Alibi)

My weekend in Edmonton! 

Last night in Edmonton, packing and just thought I feel like having dessert!