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What kinda person would you like to follow? If you pick a theme every month it might help you decide!


ok… that’s not a bad idea… but now i have to think up a theme?!?!?!?

  1. marchofmercury answered: fat men eating babies. best theme
  2. nomnompanda-adams answered: How about a theme that represents reaching out to people in need? I follow To Write Love On Her Arms. I love giving advice to teens for help.
  3. rominogrobis answered: What kind of stuff do you like? I’m following a red blog— everything is red. Also, candy blogs. Do that kind of thing.
  4. kigozula answered: Close your eyes and klich on a follower of YOU.:) Destiny
  5. rckmeamadeus answered: Ah, it would be awesome if you followed me!
  6. steamlord313 answered: You should follow iambowman, the guy who made ohgodwhat remix.
  7. princess-hakuryuu answered: Homestuck.
  8. technicoloroar answered: You should just type a random word in the tags search and if you find something you really like, check that person’s blog out or add them.
  9. captainprotagonist answered: potrey, homestuck, old movies, favorite books(s), favorite moveis, avatar, art ou selectively pick out, an artsy sort of theme, uhm… oof
  10. exinvadertak answered: hmm. What’s one of your favorite blogs that you follow? Why do you like it?
  11. ayradthelion answered: "Original content" is a good theme.
  12. seenewperspectives answered: music, art, zutara, zuko, movies, rap, poetry, etc etc whatever your interest is!
  13. whereforeartthoucastiel answered: Zuko!
  14. xollos answered: You could do something like Harry Potter one month and them space the next? Idk I have a potato for a brain.
  15. chosenofashurha answered: Oooh! Writers!
  16. sarcasticallyfabulous answered: stART WITH HOMESTUCK AND PICK ME <33
  17. kimikomuffin answered: The first theme should be … uh … muffins! ;)
  18. konec0 answered: Might I suggest thisisthehomestuckmusicteam.tumblr.com? They do the music for Homestuck and IMHO they need and deserve a lot more exposure!
  19. ambrosius-eri answered: Different fandoms you like, different pairings of shows you’re into, fav artists…
  20. afatgirlsthoughts answered: Most interesting names for blogs.
  21. fearlessferia answered: I normally just go check on tag of things i’m interested in, then I look at their blog. Not a fancy way, but it does a good job :)
  22. sisyrinchium answered: Maybe the first could be random to start things off? Or you could do multi fandom blogs, lit/book blogs. art????
  23. the-hero-of-time-travel answered: @rufiozuko you should follow me! Pinoy-American’s should stick together! lol You were amazing in The debut.
  24. peko-pekoyama answered: Maybe like a fandom each month? Like Avatar, Homestuck etc..
  25. jhameia answered: yeah! Like, this month, you pick FUNNY GIFS, next month, you pick WORDY COMMENTARY ON FANDOM, after that KITTIES, or something!
  26. teranoviia answered: I was about to suggest you you things that I like, but then I realized that your probably don’t like the random things that I like…
  27. anenigmavariation answered: Theme: Ninjas in space.
  28. enlai-equalist answered: And it’s the one night my brain isn’t thinking. >< A month theme
  29. jillian182 answered: Sometimes I find people through common interests, so maybe start with that?
  30. recapturedhonor answered: There’s Art, Music, Atla, or more specific things, like, Zutara, alternative rock, poetry…
  31. pelollipop answered: i usually follow p chill people. i’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of them before so it’s a good idea to keep that in mind.
  32. ashteritops answered: You could check out my original art ask blog, it needs more asks and followers so I can draw more stuff! askghostsofdeath.tumblr…
  33. pewpewpistol answered: maybe based on hobbies or shows? find something you like and want to have in common with any future peeps you follow??
  34. hajikelist answered: What about something you’re getting interested in and want to learn more about?
  35. contentkiller answered: Yep; that seems to be one of the easier things to do, but you can always just go ‘eeny meeny miney that one.’
  36. missymenace answered: How about Art?
  37. chenisthebestkitty answered: Homestuck, Pajamas, Fooooood, Recovery?, Happiness!, Fun :3
  38. christareiss answered: maybe a certain person from each of the things you like! for example an atla fan, homestuck fan, or someone who likes the shows you watch!
  39. ocdluna answered: fandom is a good theme to go by? like usually i think “i don’t have enough of this show on my dash” and look for a blog that posts them. idk
  40. foggyseagraves answered: That would be too hard! I’d just recommend searching some tags. Tracked tags are the easiest way to find people to follow.
  41. waterbendingnoatak answered: You can follow me, just because I love you~
  42. seamonkeyss said: How about a bunch of different fandoms…? Or you could try going through your followers on a certain page and pick one?