so, homestucks down… anybody wanna talk about anything?

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    I got to get to reading this again.
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  5. likeabosskutoff said: I want to talk about whether or not you would be interested in visiting San Francisco in April to watch the premier of season two of LoK with my friends and I?
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  7. narcos said: ah man youre so cool, i honestly cannot express how happy i am that youre so polite and communicate with your loving fans to the best of youre abilty man youre so great also i saw you on hawaii five-o that was pretty cool
  8. decadentxpastry said: Whereabouts are you in homestuck, right now?
  9. deadpetaleijon said: if you could cosplay anyone from homestuck who would it be? besides rufioh maybe hoohoo„
  10. ayradthelion said: Dante, how’s the weather?
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  14. rosen-fenrir said: if you were a woman, would that change which characters are your favorites? also in that same possibility, if you wanted to cosplay, which character would it be? hi dante, just wanted to say you’re awesome :)
  15. neddietrix said: There are trees falling on my house, hows your night been?
  16. ink-official said: I was reading Romeo and Juliet (because I like shakespeare) And I got to mercutio’s monalogue and thought that it’d be cool if you read that.
  17. thechanellejezzabel said: If you hadn’t become an actor what other career would you have pursued? (Btdubbs you are my favorite voice actor in the history of ever lol u should totally make a video nd make a shoutout to ur followers! ESP me haha :P )
  18. jesusfuckingrice said: Do you ship Rufioh with anyone? :P
  19. netolaneta said: you down for that role on Adventure Time? Also would you ever be down to do a role for Power Rangers?
  20. whoisjesska said: Why you havent visited the bay yet x]
  21. kevinsprivatecorner said: Play any odd instruments like the ukulele or the melodica?