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Have any drink suggestions for a freshly turned 21 year old?

well, you always start with something sweet like a long island ice tea or a mojito or margarita… you’ll grow up and start drinking jack & coke or gin & tonic.

  1. replicaaa said: i prefer lemon drops— sweet drinks are great for the social/occasional drinker.
  2. theknightinthetardis said: Red deaths are good. They taste like hawaiian punch.
  3. thefoxwithsuits said: There is nothing wrong with a good hack and coke. That was my first drink. Scotch is always a classy choice too.
  4. theoldaeroplane said: i’m entertained because i was started on vodka
  5. yourknightoflife said: I turned 21 a few months ago, and a very smart bartender made me a blue Hawaiian. It was so gooooood.
  6. equalist-aquene said: Gin and ginger taste better than a gin and tonic, if you ask me.
  7. signalfirefly said: The fuzzy navel is one of my favorites. It’s orange juice and peach schnapps. Some places serve it with vodka, though, so watch out for that if you’re new to drinking.
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  9. sterlesque said: … and here i started with the stuff that was like 90-proof oops.
  10. sunnyotakuu said: SHOTS. HARD LIQUOOOOOOOR. >:D
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    Then eventually just jack or gin.
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  13. kalesuilon said: My first alcoholic beverage was Gin&Tonic. It was disgusting :D I enjoy Pinnacle Whipped mixed with Orange Soda or Root Beer though
  14. uchiha420 said: my first drink was straight vodka…not exactly the best choice…wish i had th
  15. moonbending said: jack & coke and not even 21 yet whoopssss lol
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    omg Dante drinks like a college freshman omg apparently this is reblog Dante night here in macabrekawaii-land
  18. brooklynkatchadorian said: hahaha i started with jack :>
  19. konekoealain said: Also, if you’ve never had a drink before, be wary of saying it’s your birthday. Some folks will hook you up and your drink will taste like cough syrup ^^;