//You should totally play Zuko. And Mae plays Katara. Jack is Sokka. The whole voice actors from the ATLA series should play their own characters! That'll be the most epic thing that will happen in our lifes!

yeah, that would be crazy… even better… mike and bryan would co-direct… i don’t think something like that has ever happened… grey would have to be in it too, yes, definitely. also mark, playing my father, c’mon, that scene will be crazy! believe me, i lived it in studio… 

if only mako was still alive…

  1. ty-lee-weasley said: That’d be great! Yeah it’d be kool if The original Iroh was in it :/
  2. wvuguy29 said: media.tumblr.com/tumblr_… For you, sir, for my feels… I hope you’re happy -.-)
  3. sapphrikah said: aww mako
  4. soultron said: and then, I was crying.