Homestuck Panel Room 209 Anime Evolution 2013

So this is the first panel I’ve been to for Homestuck. I have to admit, I thought the whole thing was amazing. I was thoroughly impressed by the cast of cosplayers acting out the characters and the questions they answered from the crowd were always witty and in character.

The fact that the room was packed, most people dressed up, both onstage and in the audience, added to just how special this was. (Hell, i was even wearing a flowered head piece given to me as token of being a VIP guest) Everyone in the room, including myself, were totally into what was transpiring… This group of kids, Homestucks if you will, thoroughly discussing this elaborate piece of new world literature, through a Q & A of characters and audience interaction with no real supervision… Above all, everyone in the room was having fun doing it.

I’m constantly impressed by this fandom and once again I’m proud to be a Homestuck.

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