Dante, the guy who made the video blog is a *Pretty famous* internet reviewer named Doug Walker who runs a website called That Guy with the Glasses. He's been posting reviews of the Avatar series and he runs a webshow called the "Nostalgia Critic", which is what got him famous. The guy who uploaded it to Youtube is just one of his fans who usually uploads his stuff. If anything, he deserves credit.

now i know…

yes! he’s pretty popular.

i actually got hit up by his sister-in-law on my twitter and i had her thank him for me personally.

but yes, credit is due!

Doug Walker aka Nostalgia Critic aka That Guy with Glasses

Thanks for the great review of Zuko Alone… also for specifically the kind words of my performance.

I’m sorry that sometimes I’m not so good on the internet with figuring out who the original poster of things…

Doug, let me tell you how popular you and your blog are… I’ve been bombarded by people wanting to make sure you get proper credit. Your fans love you.

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