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Remember that ’90s movie “Hook” and that awesome lost boy, Rufio? Well, he’s starring in another upcoming film & has created a new film company (with James Sereno and Samira Amiransari), Kinetic Films, “dedicated to making films for the Asian American audience with our faces being the leads and…

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so through the magic of the Internet and friends, I got to do some fanart for Hang Loose, Dante Basco and Kevjumba’s new movie! glad you guys liked it! 

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dope art… super funny.

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Scenes from Hang Loose… seriously funny movie.


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I’m a little more than half way over with it but it’s so good and it’s funny and not only that it’s a indie film and it’s always nice to support smaller companies that aren’t all about hollywood and shit.


thanks, doll…

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Lolol paused it and this is what it stops at



like a kitty

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@katherinemily #HangLooseMovie Opening weekend… This is soooo funny!

It's something you have earn for yourself.: Hang Loose →



I just finished watching Hang Loose. I went in watching just for Dante Basco, but the whole thing was really great and I’m glad I saw it! It was the first movie I saw with Dante and Dion acting together; they were such naturals and you can tell they’re brothers. Kevin’s character was great,…

that’s love… thank you so much!

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Thank you to Winston of Hang Loose PR, and a thousand thanks to Dante for taking the time to talk to us.

It’s Allegranzi’s show, but he treated this like my interview, which was both very gratifying and terrifying, because you should probably never allow a fangirl to do an interviewer’s job.

i had a great time with you guys… really good questions! you two were on point.

hope all of you can come check it out!

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When I saw Take the Lead the day it came out (back in 2006?), my mom was the first to point out that Ramos had Dominican flags in his room, but I didn’t believe her until we bought the DVD. There’s even a little Puerto Rican flag at the bottom which is PERFECT because while everyone likes to assume all Latinos are Mexican, we’re actually so mixed. If you meet a Latino in America who has parents from the same country, that’s abnormal. So it’s always fun to throw in different countries when writing Latino-Americans.

I don’t know if the directors/casting folk or whoever did this on purpose, but I love that an Asian actor was chosen to play someone from the Dominican Republic because the Asian population in DR is actually pretty notable. I didn’t even know that until I went to DR as a teenager, and damn I met family members from the Philippines, Vietnam and Laos. I met more Asian family members in one day than I did living in North Carolina for 8 years. America likes to pretend that it’s the only diverse country in the world, but people who say that have probably never been to more than two countries. 

Now, while it would have been nice to have an actual Dominican/Puerto Rican actor play Ramos, I am so glad it was Dante Basco. Because Asian-Dominicans actually exist. The media likes for Latinos to look like Italians. We do that on our own channels too. The media ignores indigenous Latinos. The media ignores Afrolatinos. It’s damaging for anyone who doesn’t look like Cameron Diaz or Disney’s new Hispanic character, Princess Sophia

My little sister and I like to play “Find the People of Color” in every show and movie we watch and in every magazine or book we find. In teen magazines it’s especially a low number. It’s not fair that trying to find our people has to be a treasure hunt. My mom basically jumped out of her seat when she saw these Dominican flags. There shouldn’t be so much hype just in finding someone who represents you. So America likes to brag about diversity? Why not get America’s media to be equally diverse?

But I don’t have to tell Dante how hard it is to get representation in media. He is doing a fabulous job getting Asian actors more spotlight (buy Hang Loose, everyone!). He doesn’t just ignore racial issues in American media or play really problematic stereotypical Asian roles. He wants to be a part of the solution. I respect that so much because it’s what my folk and I have been trying to do with The Hispanic Heroine. He may have a louder voice than us, but he’s still taking part in the struggle to be seen and heard. 

Having Dante represent my island in Take the Lead was an honor. 

hilarious! thanks for everyone who watched the trailer… over 300,000 so far on youtube! 

and for all of you that pre-ordered, along with the daily give aways and hawaii trip for two. all of the pre-order folks are going to get a sneak peek of the beginning of the movie a week before the release! thanks for all the support…


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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I want give thanks to my friends, family and fans for supporting me and my career for over the last two and half decades… It’s been a wild ride so far and I’m thankful for being able to follow my dreams and actually finding success in this crazy town of Hollywood.

I also want to take this moment to finally announce the launch of my new production company, Kinetic Films, and the release of our debut movie, “Hang Loose,” starring myself and Kevin Wu (KevJumba) which is premiering online Dec. 14th. The official trailer is coming out this Saturday on hangloosemovie.com and on that day as big thank you to you guys, we’re making it available for a pre-launch discount of only 3 dollars.

So check out this video I made and I’ll keep you guys up to date on the latest news with the movie. There will be a bunch of events coming up including, meet and greets, google hang outs and a premiere party. So I’m sure we’ll have a chance to see each other in person. 


I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving…



Join star/writer/producer Kevin Wu (KevJumba) as he screens his film “Hang Loose” and discusses his strategy to successfully releasing a feature film online.

With 2.3 million subscribers on Youtube and 263,667,471 views to his channel, Kevin is planning on releasing even more features online in the future. Learn about the business model Kevin is employing for “Hang Loose”, how he intends to market the film via social media, his inspiration for the film and how he built a large audience on Youtube.

If your college club or university is interested in hosting a “Hang Loose” screening with Kevin, send an email to hangloosetour@gmail.com for more information.


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