End of Summer…

End of Summer…

Every year after my birthday I always get that feeling, somber, almost melancholy feeling in the pit of my gut, like the weather is still warm, but the day slows down and as I walk around the town I reminded it’s the end of Summer. Makes me think of all the fun we had at the beach and the carefree days we spent doing… well, actually doing nothing and loving every moment.
Well, it’s been busy…

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Just a little something. To kick off my birthday weekend!

So it’s my birthday week & even though I’m planning to lay low, I promised some folks that I’d do an LA hangout, so I’m thinking an afternoon tea on Wednesday. Come by say hi and hangout a bit…

Vlogathon - August 22nd

bagels. writing. sin city 2.

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My August Vlog-a-thon!

I decided that I’ll be doing a Vlog everyday for the month of August, it’s my birthday month and I’ll be traveling a bit, but if you have any ideas of other things I should do to close out my summer, hit me up & maybe we can hang out & you can make it in my vids! Check out my YouTube at: thedantebasco https://m.youtube.com/user/thedantebasco

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Life At 30,000 Feet

Life At 30,000 Feet

So if you follow me on any the social medias, including this one, you can see (or read…however it goes) that I’ve been traveling a lot lately… Like a lot, a lot! I’ve been pretty much out of town (town for me is LA!) every week for the last few months. Look, I’ve traveled my fair share in life, but as of late, it’s been kinda ridiculous! I feel like a traveling salesman or like George Clooney in…

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I’m a tumblr head… but if you like using Facebook… check out my revamped page.

& ps… it has actual details for my upcoming events.

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As Asian Heritage Month continues, I’m continuing to drop more videos. Here’s a poem shot by Neil Fernandez on the stage of the world famous “DPL-Da Poetry Lounge”… which just also happens to be home base for me and the crew. 

Great work, Neil, big shout out and I hope y’all enjoy…


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We Own The #8th on Maker.TV →

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Yo I’m trying to figure out new things to shoot on my youtube channel. Help me out, what stuff do you wanna see me do?

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Come hang with me tmrw night at NYU! (April 30th) 7pm.

what’s up you guys? i know i’ve been a little quiet on tumblr lately… just been crazy with travel and recuperating from the Cosplay Ball.

but here’s a little video showing off my new tshirts now at rodeo arcade and maker studios!

now i can do more t-shirt projects and it will be easy to order… send me some ideas and let’s put out some cool tshirt art!

go to rufiozuko.com to pick up a fresh new tee… 

"Finding Honor" Ep. 3

So now I’m learning about pattern making… Check out Sophie ( t34m4dor4bloodth1rsty ) schooling me on the world of cosplay and costume design. 

If you’re in LA & free next Friday night, i want to invite everyone out! We’re celebrating AJ Rafael and Carl Choi’s birthdays with a fundraising party at The Great Company in DTLA. We’re partnering with the Peace Project again to raise money to build at least 8 houses in the Philippines, and we’re asking for a $20 donation to be able to do so (it takes just $500 to build a house for a family).

Please come by. There’ll be live performances from AJ Rafael, Tim Be Told, Toestah, myself and many others. See you at 8pm 

Brought to you by #the8th & The Great Company…

If you’re around the LA area, hopefully you can come out tonight to support us and our efforts to rebuild the Philippines. There’s going to be some great performances from myself, AJ Rafael, Corina Round, Gab Valenciano & Da Poetry Lounge poets.

It’s a fundraiser and you can come for free. (There’s a suggested donation of 10 bucks but give what you can) All the proceeds go to our efforts to rebuilding the Philippines. It’s just as important to me for you guys to come and support, every picture or tweet you guys send out will help us reach our goal. Here’s the website for more info: www.thewhole9.com/bringlove 

And you may wonder what the goal is… It’s simple, we’re a smaller organization and our first goal is to rebuild a small village named Santa Fe. We want to rebuild 200 houses over the next 6 months that got destroyed in typhoon Haiyan. The first wave is a 56 house community and with our “Family to Family Program” you and your family can buy a house for a family in the Philippines for only $500! For a small sacrifice for us here, can mean the world to a family overseas.

So please support, come and hang out tonight and give what you can. It’s going to be a real family environment… I would love to see you there.