Dante Learns To SnapChat (by Dante Basco)

So here’s a little video showing on my SnapChat adventure yesterday!

So I figured how I can get the discounted tickets for everyone on tumblr & twitter. A limited supply are available right now for half off the door admission for only 10 bucks!!! Buy them now and you’ll be on the priority list to get in the club! See you Friday!!!

Click the pic or go to: http://dantecosplayclub.bpt.me

Rufio Show - Ep 5 Homestuck (by Dante Basco)

The new episode is public for everyone to see! (not just the late night tumblr homestucks) So I hope you enjoy it! Please subscribe to the channel… more videos coming soon!

Ok… Rufio fans… You have to check out this one on #FunnyOrDie, the #YoungerStatesMen wrote a funny sketch. Hope you enjoy!

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just reading poems on tumblr and wrote something quick…


It’s a weird feeling knowing the only person more behind in Homestuck than me is Dante fucking Basco.

i’m sorry i’m so behind… the pesterlogs take for-fucking-ever sometimes (but they’re great… especially dave’s shit) and then i start blogging about it and then i start reading what you guys are saying… and then it’s like we talk about it and then it’s so late when i read homestuck and then i don’t get through as much as i should and i’m behind…



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a funny line dave says to karkat about his god tier cape…



there’s alot going on here… i don’t even know where to start… 


Maybe not what you had in mind, but what I pictured for RufioZuko. :)

this deserves some shine for the simple fact that it’s go me showing my belly button…

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It’s a new year & i need a new twitter background… who can draw up something “rufiozuko” cool that i can rock awhile?!?!? 

I don’t expect this little doodle comic to be your twitter bg (ahahaha! Your twitter would look really silly!) but I just really wanted to draw something for you :)

that’s pretty funny….

Have a Happy Homestuck New Year!

Here’s a little present for all my Homestucks out there… It’s just a little something to dance to tonight and help bring in the New Year… & just a little thank you for introducing me to a new world and taking me on a crazy adventure!

I definitely plan on getting together with some LA Homestucks and shooting a video for this early in the new year. 

I just want to wish everyone a happy new year, thanks for following my posts this year…

vocals: dante basco

produced by: tom livemore 

keyboards: paul ward


Soooo, my signed print of Jason Liwag’s “Bangarang” from the giveaway I won came in! It’s absolutely wonderful and the feel of it is really nice…
I really don’t know what to say! I guess this is certainly an uplifting surprise to receive today, since my family is inviting over some monks and the house is full of the smell of incense so I’ve been feeling dizzy and down… (Oh dear, now I’m rambling about myself.)

Thank you for this opportunity Dante! And a thank you to Jason as well for this wonderful print. I’ll take good care of it.

congrats, doll…

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so through the magic of the Internet and friends, I got to do some fanart for Hang Loose, Dante Basco and Kevjumba’s new movie! glad you guys liked it! 

y’all should “like” the facebook page and check the movie out, because it’s awesome! 

dope art… super funny.

thanks for the shout out!

… for everyone else out there… come check out our facebook page and give us a “like”. 

& if you haven’t seen it yet… do me a favor, watch HANG LOOSE! ;)


so i guess i just met dante basco? at ralphs??

hes so nice oh my god i saw him getting a cart anbd i was just liek “DANTE” and he stood there and i ran over and we talked about homestuck and cosplay and a song hes gonna drop and it was awesome look photos with my invisible eyebrows


and he asked my what my url was and he was so nice and then i saw him again inside and i did double pistols and a wink and he said hi ethne im so happy hes so nice i met dante basco

hi, ethne… it’s was nice meeting you…

it’s cool to bump into homestucks in the real world, not just on tumblr…

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So I made a Dante Basco sprite based on the above photo. Basically I saw his suit and bow tie and thought “OMG THAT’S SO PERFECT FOR A SPRITE EDIT I COULD CHANGE UP ONE OF THE SUITED DAVES” and then it just kinda happened

i see it… & i can dig it… perfect.