If you were able to spend one week in the world of avatar, where would go, what would do, and who would hang out with?

i would spend at least a day or two with uncle iroh, drinking tea and talking… probably somewhere in the fire nation. i would spend the rest of my time hangin with the whole gaang. i would go to republic city! (i know it’s a different era, but maybe see how it’s all getting built) i spend the days hangin with the guys and the night probably getting in trouble, being with mai and flirting with katara.

@krislumague caught me in moment as my worlds collide at the #CosplayBall. #Rufio #Zuko #Mashup

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So I was singing #LetItGo last night… Here it is if you missed it. #Zuko “The heat never bothered me anyway…”

Had to post this amazingly awesome avatar picture before I board the plane… Great hanging out with everyone in San Francisco. Bay Area cosplayers go hard!!!

"Finding Honor" Ep. 3

So now I’m learning about pattern making… Check out Sophie ( t34m4dor4bloodth1rsty ) schooling me on the world of cosplay and costume design. 

"Finding Honor…"

My new web series building my first cosplay… Prince Zuko!

Shout out to the Fandom Society Crew!

thebestkickassasian t34m4dor4bloodth1rsty @asthebelltolls


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Only my tumblr friends will understand this…

Look what came in the mail today! Thanks @geneluenyang… Can’t wait to find out about my mother! #Zuko #ATLA

It’s my party & I can COSPLAY if I want to!!!

If you’re in LA, you’re invited to my birthday this weekend! Come and rep your fandom!

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Guess who? Thanks for all the gifts #MetroCon #BlueSpirit #Avatar #Zuko theangrymasksalesman.tumblr.com

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Memories From MetroCon 2013

So I’m back in LA, just long enough to catch my breath and write this blog. Last weekend I got to…

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Comic Con 2013

So I’m fresh back from my Comic Con experience this year and I just wanted to share some photos and…

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A Poem Called Honor…

A quick poem from my instagram (@rufiozuko)… People have always asked me to write a poem about “Honor,” well, here it is…

A poem called Honor, for something lost of misplaced
Etched into your consciousness like a scare upon your face
This Honor that you…

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A Poem Called Honor (by Dante Basco)

for those who missed this earlier on my instagram, i posted it on my youtube and typed out the word too.

it’s a quick poem, something people been wanting me to write for awhile… so this is what i came up with in 15 seconds.

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Nostalgia Critic - Avatar Vlogs (27. Zuko Alone) (by Garrus Vakarian)

So many people sent me this video. It was great… Thanks, Garrus, for the kind words.

Happy 4th of July everyone in the US… for all you outside the country that don’t know what I’m talking about… Just have a great day and enjoy the video!

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