My August Vlogathon…

My August Vlogathon…

So this last month I gave myself a challenge to vlog everyday for the month of August. First, why did I do this? Well, lately I’ve been doing a lot of media online, collaborating with some great artist from the new digital world, the likes of KevJumba, AJ Rafael, the Elder Statesmen, Mike Capes from “Hacks of Life.” And this whole…

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End of Summer…

End of Summer…

Every year after my birthday I always get that feeling, somber, almost melancholy feeling in the pit of my gut, like the weather is still warm, but the day slows down and as I walk around the town I reminded it’s the end of Summer. Makes me think of all the fun we had at the beach and the carefree days we spent doing… well, actually doing nothing and loving every moment.
Well, it’s been busy…

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Just a little something. To kick off my birthday weekend!

So it’s my birthday week & even though I’m planning to lay low, I promised some folks that I’d do an LA hangout, so I’m thinking an afternoon tea on Wednesday. Come by say hi and hangout a bit…

Vlogathon - August 22nd

bagels. writing. sin city 2.

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Vlogathon - August 9th “Otakon” Part 2 

Day 2 in Baltimore… The adventure continues!!!

Vlogathon - August 8th “Otakon” Part 1

Here’s Day 1 at Otakon! COme follow me on my adventures in Baltimore and the biggest anime con on the East Coast!

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August 5th Vlog… Hangin’ with Jack DeSena!

My August Vlog-a-thon!

I decided that I’ll be doing a Vlog everyday for the month of August, it’s my birthday month and I’ll be traveling a bit, but if you have any ideas of other things I should do to close out my summer, hit me up & maybe we can hang out & you can make it in my vids! Check out my YouTube at: thedantebasco

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Check out my adventures in Melbourne in my latest vlog about Oz Comic Con!

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Taking photos at #OzComicCon with #Zuko

My vlog about hanging out with Beaver Nation! Oregon State University! 

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Happy Mother’s Day to my mom & all moms all over the world. #FireNation & beyond. #Zuko #Ursa #TheSearch2

If you were able to spend one week in the world of avatar, where would go, what would do, and who would hang out with?

i would spend at least a day or two with uncle iroh, drinking tea and talking… probably somewhere in the fire nation. i would spend the rest of my time hangin with the whole gaang. i would go to republic city! (i know it’s a different era, but maybe see how it’s all getting built) i spend the days hangin with the guys and the night probably getting in trouble, being with mai and flirting with katara.